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The Nor Collection has been gathered by volunteers over a number of years – originally as The Canadian Design Resource. We are a not-for-profit and do not seek to monetise our operations through the intellectual property of others.

That said, we acknowledge that policies in terms of permissions and sourcing have not always been rigorous. For legacy items, given the size of the collection and the impossibility of verifying all provenance, we err in choosing what to keep on the side of preservation for the public good, over proof of permission. Historically, we asked our users and the community to contribute to the collective effort of documentation and knowledge preservation, so much attribution has arisen through comments and user feedback. We encourage you to provide the same so that we may improve.

However, if you wish to have an item removed from the collection and have grounds to do so – either it's yours, or have an IP claim over the involved imagery or text – please send us an email to providing us with relevant detail, and we'll politely oblige as fast as we can.

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