Co-up update from Nor: Discord is fired

Hi Nor co-op,

I hope your summers are all starting to come into fine view. Thanks to those who came along to our round table with the team at UAL last month — it was such a fascinating conversation, and when we get a second we’ll be sure to share some highlights for those who couldn’t make it.

As hinted at in my last email, we’ve collectively decided to overhaul how we do both work and communication as a co-op here. In short — we admit it after a couple of years of trying: Discord sucks for this. You all told us, many times, it just took a while to sink in. A volunteer co-op like ours needs tools geared towards asynchronous engagement and getting collective work done, not a bunch of flashing lights and notifications and an emphasis on real-time communication.

So we’re going old school, in what we hope is a much more delightful and easy to engage with manner — we’ve set up a forum! One you can dip into and out of at your own pace, and engage with threads that interest you, on your time. If you want to dip into a project, you can do so right there, in whatever way feels right, and contribute to discussions and debates when you feel so inspired, without feeling obligated to keep up. No moderation, just open conversation and co-operative organizing.

Want in? Hit this button for your invite link (please don’t share it with others!) and it should be smooth sailing:

Going forward, this forum will be the main place Nor stuff happens, though these emails will still come now and again. If you’d like to be a contributing member of the co-op, the forum is where we ask you to show up and pitch in, on whatever schedule suits you. Discord will be turned off very soon. Already we’re finding in our early tests that this is just a nicer way to get things done, and possibly also proof that some of the internet’s biggest problems were already solved 30 years ago. Who knew?

We’re using our own private install of a really great modern forum tool, Discourse, that you probably already use on a bunch of sites and groups, possibly without knowing it. Because it’s not on some random hosted cloud, we are assured in the integrity and privacy of our organizational data and communication, and also it’s nice not to be upsold on emoji.

See you on there!


ps. A couple of weeks back Joel had an appointment with the Archive Doctors at a walk-in clinic hosted at the Digital Culture & Archive days at Nieuwe Instituut in Rotterdam. Please enjoy their new strategic plan for us, as prescribed, and we’ll see you on the forum to discuss the cake initiative:

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